About Us
Our company provides corporate professionals with the opportunity to hone and perfect their leadership skills while figuring out what it is they want to achieve in their careers.
We work with clients to set and work towards achieving strategically aligned developmental goals.
As certified executive coaches, we want to help clients to gain insight, set far reaching goals and achieve maximum results.
Using Experience to Succeed
Charles' success as an executive, business and corporate coach draws from his thirty years experience working in various industries as a high level executive. His expertise in project management, leadership development; team and organization development; life change and career transition all serve to bolster his clients’ success. 

Having held a variety of leadership roles as a Chief Compliance Officer, Senior Operations Manager, and Chief Project Consultant allows Charles to bring a real-time experience and cultural understanding to his coaching partnerships. He believes that personal and professional development is  achieved through understanding the mindset and behavior of individuals in both their personal and professional lives. 

Charles works with his clients to stimulate their creative thinking, deepen their emotional intelligence skills, and explore how they understand and leverage their experiences to become better leaders. As a Professional Certified Coach he provides a variety of coaching services including: one-to-one coaching; team/group coaching; coach awareness and leadership skills training. 

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