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Client Success Stories
Richard was a vice president at a global pharmaceutical company when he began a new executive position at his company. Richard needed help transitioning into his new duties and we helped him realize the importance of leadership and management skills. By refining specific leadership skills, we were able to help Richard be successful in his new executive role as well as being prepared for the next promotion in his career.
Gary suffered from the downturn of the economy and was let go from his position as a technology executive at a multi-national information technology company. We were able to guide Gary through this rough transition period and helped him to understand where he wanted to be professionally. With our help, Gary was able to recover from a floundering career and ultimately received an offer to be the Chief Technology Officer at a leading Software Engineering company. 
Gina was working for a small start up company when she realized that she really disliked what she was doing. The company did not appreciate her long hours and all the effort she was putting in. Her efforts helped the company grow further but she was not receiving the recognition she deserved. She turned to us to help her attain a deeper level of satisfaction with her professional career. We helped her identify the most important aspects of her life and focus on what she really loved. Since she was a natural people person, we helped her find a career where she could be an enthusiastic leader and where her independence and integrity could really shine.
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